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Tigran Manukyan
Tigran Manukyan


Motion Designer | Art Director tigranmotion@gmail.com

2d animation, 3d animation, adobe after effects, animation, art direction, character animation, character design, cinema 4d, compositing, explainer animation, frame by frame, illustration, liquid motion, logo animation, motion graphics, ui animation

  1. Cyborg noise cyborg animation cartoon app render robot illustration animated robot robot character animation after effects animation shape layers after effects flat illustration design loop character 2d gif animation
  2. Just Women leafs head women girls character women colors logo motion shape layers motion design character animation illustration flat after effects design loop character 2d gif animation
  3. Coffee-shop motion design shop store coffee coffeeshop isometric animation video isometric design flat after effects loop c4d 3d 2d gif animation
  4. 2K followers colors animate gif animation cel framebyframe 2d design liquid splash followers 2k
  5. Social Life character colors 3d c4d animation design social
  6. Family in cinema colors design flat 2d giphy gif animation kit8 cinema family
  7. Splashes animate colors design glow 2d liquid cel animation cel framebyframe splash
  8. Tariff Plans character illustration illustration price cycle motion loop cursor noise animation shape layers click character animation
  9. Pandemic clean character running running walk cycle run cycle 2d animation toilet paper virus coronavirus pandemic design loop character animation motion design illustration after effects gif character 2d animation
  10. Cat Run cat run flat illustration branding 2d character after effects vector design cat character animation shape layers animation noise colors gif loop motion cycle run
  11. Liquid Stuff color design illustration rotate rocket c4d liquid splash framebyframe car animation
  12. Collecting User Data man face data character illustration animation after effects 2d
  13. Dust Tip with Particular quicktip aftereffects design motion graphics tips animation cel gif dust particles
  14. Love Letters frame by frame white red 2d animation liquid letters valentine love
  15. Robot with HUD robot gif animation cycle design character flat illustration motion design hud
  16. Santa on rooftop santa rooftop character kit8 anton fritzler winter gif animation xmas christmas
  17. Fish ux vector ui liquid motion design colors cycle fish motion character animation after effects shape layers flat illustration loop design character 2d gif animation
  18. Xmas preparing 3d animation isometric animation isometric illustration isometric atm gift animation c4d animation c4d rendering 3d motion design shape layers after effects illustration design loop character 2d gif animation
  19. Save your money motiondesigner cinema4d c4d 3d animation lock animation iphone animation iphone isometric animation isometric motiondesign motion illustration colors loop gif after effects flat 3d character animation
  20. Apocalypse animation gif weapon warrior vector soldier sexy kit8 illustration flat female apocalypse
  21. Girl at the workplace flat smooth 2d animation gif anton fritzler kit8 girl
  22. Boxer Hitting character design illustration animation fight boxer box
  23. Standup Comedy loop illustration fritsler anton frizler kit8 animation standup gif
  24. Liquid invite white pink colors design animate 2d animation frame by frame cel invite liquid tickets
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